Mini Greenhouse Kit

Mini Greenhouse Kit

Mini Green House Kit Contains:

  • 10" x 20" Propagation Tray (no holes)
  • 18" Sunblaster T5 Fixture & T5 Bulb with NanoTech Reflector
  • Full spectrum lighting and 6400 Kelvins of lighting temperature. A Kelvin rating is based on “the rising sun” at 6400K. This means that it is ideal for the gardening enthusiast as it contains the perfect temperature and lighting spectrum to start your seedlings, initiate faster rooting time on cuttings!


  • So easy to use you will love it! Made exclusively for the SunBlaster T5HO & NanoTech Reflector combo, the SunBlaster™ NanoDome has a unique H pattern which enables you to lay your lighting across a single dome or multiple domes. The SunBlaster™ NanoDome gets more of the light your plants love to them than any other dome on the market! Get the results you deserve with the SunBlaster NanoDome.

    125 ml Prop-o-gator:

  • Plant Food for roots is known as the "Secret to a Successful Plantlife". Why? Root mass is the plant’s foundation and PlantLife Products’™ Prop-O-Gator combines a combination of nutrients with organic matter to accelerate your plants root growth!

    125 ml Super B+:

  • Super Double B+ also helps stimulate the growth of roots on new plants. B1 can assist at any time in a plant’s life with root regeneration where the root system has been damaged or stressed through high salinity, pathogens such as pythium, nutrient deficiencies and toxicities. Encourage root development. Promotes stimulates rapid and lush vegetative
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